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Automatic Doors

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Al-Mahdi guarantees you that the shading units are made of steel structures on which the shade nets are installed without any cables, wires or ropes, and they shall be according to the following specifications:

Shapes Door Specification
  • Rotating Floor
  • Underground door
  • Hinged automatic gates
  • Italian motor and control unit with international quality certification
  • The device is equipped with a mechanical lock and a manual key to convert it to manual operation at any circumstance
  • Unlocking is done by the remote control or by the intercom key in the absence of the remote control, or manually by switching to the manual system
  • At the customer's request, light cells are added that bounce the door directly during closing when any object passes to protect it from colliding with it

Rotating Floor

Underground Door

Hinged automatic gates

Automatic door (roll) Australian

Sliding Door (Grar)