Our idea is ready to be implemented to meet our valued customers by establishing the first company in the field of safe swimming pool covers

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Al Mahdi Company for suspended awnings and automatic doors

We assemble our products with imported raw materials with Egyptian hands and expertise. Thus, we obtain imported products with the addition of Egyptian expertise in assembly after the company’s engineers and technicians have received training courses at the highest level inside and outside Egypt.

We have studied the market so that we reach two parallel lines, which are the highest quality with the most appropriate price. Hence our path to success…


We at (Al-Mahdi Group) are a homogeneous and integrated team in order to produce an integrated product with specifications in terms of technical, aesthetic and economic aspects.


Our goal is not only to sell - but our goal is always to provide the best to our customers, meet their desires and fulfill their requests.
Our motto is always: (Quality and Creativity)


Our service in high quality fittings available to everyone quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price

Our Goals
Our installation team is qualified with high technical expertise to ensure the delivery of successful works, and provide you with the utmost safety and protection
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Our Group is committed to help clients to reach the goals.

We don’t pursue every company that needs computer support. We choose only clients that share in our values. It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication
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Our idea is ready to be implemented to satisfy our valued customers by establishing the first company in the field of safe swimming pool covers, in addition to our expertise in the field of suspended awnings, hidden screens and automatic doors.


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